Insert Size Guide

Our general recommendations for what size insert to use for each size pillow cover:  


16x16 cover - 16x16 insert

17x17 cover - 18x18 insert

18x18 cover - 20x20 insert

19x19 cover - 21x21 insert

20x20 cover - 22x22 insert

21x21 cover - 23x23 insert 

22x22 cover - 24x24 or 25x25 insert (the larger size will give you a fuller look and firmer feel)

23x23 cover - 26x26 insert

24x24 cover - 27x27 insert 

25x25 cover - 28x28 insert (you can also use a 29x29 insert if you want it to look really full)

26x26 cover - 29x29 insert (you can also use a 30x30 insert if you want it to look really full)


10x18 cover - 10x18 insert

11x17 cover - 12x18 insert

11x19 cover - 12x20 insert

12x20 cover - 13x21 insert

12x22 cover - 13x23 insert

13x19 cover - 14x20 insert

13x21 cover - 14x22 insert

14x20 cover - 15x21 insert 

14x26 cover - 15x27 insert

14x30 cover - 14x30 or 15x31 insert

14x38 cover - 14x38 or 15x39 insert

14x48 cover - 14x48 or 15x49 insert

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