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Gorgeous Canvas Brings Color and Style into any room in your home!

High-Quality Canvas Art Paintings. Canvas art is available with several different sizes to choose from which makes for great mixing and matching.

Create story. Add Art. Sit back and enjoy. Make any space in your home even more unique by adding our perfect finishing touch to any home with a modern aesthetic.

It’s exciting finding a piece of wall art that you love and you know will look great in your space.  Hanging it is even more fun!

Whether you need the right canvas art for your living room, or you are trying to choose the right frame, size, believe it or not, can make or break your art. Your wall art should appear aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Choosing art that is too big can make your room feel overcrowded.  On the other hand, if you choose something too small, your space will look unfinished and incomplete.

Now that you know which pieces of art you like and which walls you would like to decorate, it’s time to arrange your wall art into a cohesive design. For most people, looking at a blank wall can be intimidating when you want to create a collage gallery.  Don’t be afraid to let your personal style and the interior space itself guide you in the right direction.

Gallery Wall

Have you ever wanted to design a gallery wall to show off your custom wall art?  Are you not sure how to begin?  To start, trace out the dimensions of your canvas art onto paper and cut them out. This way you can rearrange the layout on your floor first, rather than placing unnecessary holes in your wall. You can then take photos using your phone so you can quickly reference the arrangement before hanging.

The trick when arranging your gallery wall is to make sure there is enough space around each piece, approximately two or three inches. This will ensure that your layout does not look too messy or thrown together.  Since it is natural for us to read from left to right, placing larger and busier pieces on the left side makes the most sense and is most appealing to the eye.

When hanging only three pictures in a row, the best way to do this is to hang them vertically and space each art piece about three to four inches apart. This approach works best placed in hallways or above a couch.

The most fun about gallery walls is their ability to keep growing — feel free to keep adding more wall art prints, such as photos, watercolor, acrylic, etc.

Staircase Wall Art

If you love the concept of gallery wall art and have another space in your home, like your staircase, why not try a collage here?  You may have recent or old family photos or wall art you would like to display.  Why not place one here? 

This idea is a creative way of brightening up a dark stairwell or utilizing unused space. This is a classic arrangement that draws the eye upwards and can make the ceiling in your place appear higher.  Don’t be afraid to try different frames with different colors etc.  Remember you are creating a collage of artwork.

Modern Wall Art piece is ideal to place in the living room, dining room, or bedroom.

NOTE: Unframed Take to local framing store or craft store to obtain the frames of your choice.  Frame sizes can be mixed and matched to obtain the desired look and feel. Use the example below as a guide.


Medium: Waterproof Ink

Frame mode: Unframed

Technics: Spray Painting

Material: Canvas

NOTE; All pieces are canvas-only prints.  Please see your local art store or framing shop to get canvas art framed.  Choose white, black or silver frames that will look the best.

If you have more questions, please check our FAQ section here; https://artzy-gifts/pages/faq

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